The withdrawal process is even easier. Withdrawing the deposits and rewards is as effortless as clicking on a simple withdraw button on the withdrawal page and start enjoying the rewards. Our unique contract architecture allows you to withdraw your deposit and rewards in a single transaction.

Withdrawal Percentage

VCRED gives an option of partial or complete withdrawal to liquidity providers. Based on your desired preference you can use the slider to withdraw your tokens anywhere between 1% to 100% of your total liquidity from the protocol. Once you click the “Withdraw” button after determining the withdrawal value through the slider then your wallet is called in to confirm the transaction and the order is executed with minimal gas fees.

Rewards Withdrawal

VCRED’s unique withdrawal framework allows liquidity providers to withdraw both their deposit and rewards within a single transaction. Currently even a partial withdrawal of your deposited tokens will transfer all the rewards generated in USDT.E into your wallet. Please ensure that you have added the USDT.E token to your wallet to view your accrued rewards. With the eventual release of version 2, liquidity providers can withdraw even partial liquidity & rewards as well.
Last modified 5mo ago
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