Introduction to VCRED

Bot driven DeFi - Disruption through Automation
VCRED is revolutionizing DeFi via Automation & Simplified UX.
VCRED (Virtual Credit) a bot-driven Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol. We are on a mission to disrupt DeFi through our automation suite. Using our unique smart contract architecture & proprietary bots, liquidity providers gain access to rewards through single side staking across all our products.
VCRED’s vision is to automate complex strategies while providing a simplified UX to the user. Our aim is to not just improving yield but a suite of products providing a unique risk reward framework to users.
Flash: Supply liquidity to earn rewards from unique permissioned flash loans
Stake: Generate leverage on selected strategies and amplify your farming rewards
sMM: (smart Market Maker) Provide liquidity in USDT or AVAX, and participate in market-making action (Coming Soon)
Earn: Deposit VCRED tokens to earn a portion of treasury yield from our bots (Coming Soon)

Using the protocol

VCRED is natively deployed on Avalanche to utilize its high transaction speed, Proof of Stake Blockchain with the eventual goal of launching VCRED Subnet. Depositing your tokens into our protocol to start earning rewards is a completely effortless process with our extremely intuitive user interface.

Risks & Audit

Currently our flash feature contracts have been audited and have received an almost perfect score of 9.5 out of 10 from Hacken.
Disclaimer: Please note that even with an audit, there are risks associated with any smart contract interaction.
Please read a detailed report of our contract audits on the flash feature below:
Vcred 17052022_SCAudit_Report_4.docx.pdf