Introduction to VCRED
VCRED is a bot-driven DeFi protocol. VCRED (Virtual Credit) aims to revolutionise the existing lending platforms through our innovative proprietary bots to reward liquidity providers.
Compared to traditional yield farming and interest rate driven AMMs, our smart-contracts have a unique architecture combining flash loans, pull based rewards to enable executions by our bots. Liquidity providers can start earning an average estimated 15% APY on their tokens immediately through various strategies executed in arbitrage through VCRED’s proprietary bots.
Our proprietary bots are specifically designed to be energy efficient and run-on small devices to ensure minimal carbon footprint. This is just the beginning of unlimited possibilities for earning exceptional rewards on your tokens through our Bot powered DeFi.

Using the Protocol

To use the protocol, depositors can deposit their preferred token from our token list into the protocol. Users can start earning an estimated average APY of 15% on their deposited token. The users are rewarded with stablecoins (USDT.E) for their deposits.
Last modified 3mo ago
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