VCRED Stream
Stream: Stream payments in specified duration to your recipient: Pay salaries, gigs, etc.
VCRED’s Bot Driven DeFi allows for interesting innovations of streaming regular payments and earning a yield over it. Our pull based reward framework allows unique payments use cases. The Stream functionality enables such use cases where a regular payment has to be made over a certain period such as paying for salaries, freelance gig invoices, individual lending, etc.
Any individual who needs to pay a recipient a certain amount over a period of time can access the Stream functionality. Users can specify the amount, contract duration, payment duration and the wallet address of the recipient.
The individual can then lock the amount in an account and VCRED’s Stream will transfer the specified payments to the recipient's wallet address on regular intervals, saving the effort of manual transfer of funds and earning a positive yield along the way.
For locking a certain amount, the depositor is rewarded with yield generated on the amount deposited. The protocol uses the locked deposits to generate yield through flash loan based bot framework. The depositor is rewarded with VCRED tokens for streaming payments.
VCRED Stream will be launched soon.
Last modified 5mo ago
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