Generate leverage on selected strategies and amplify your farming rewards.
VCRED’s stake feature is a leveraged yield farming product, totally automated by bots to maximize the yield and minimize the effort by the user. DeFi users leverage, stake and perform multiple operations on pools to maximize yields. When staking multiple assets the risk of impermanent loss grows, and there is a need for reward emission to offset the losses. Currently in other protocols, users need to constantly hit the reinvest button or have to perform other manual re-staking options to farm rewards.
VCRED’s stake feature enables users to simply stake their tokens with a single click, and earn rewards in the background through automation. Our bots look for the best performing protocols in the AVAX ecosystem which are generating high rewards and lend your liquidity into the protocols' pool. A portion of the deposit is taken as collateral, and lent again to generate protocol rewards and interest on the deposit. Our bots perform this tactic of leveraging deposits into the pool, maximizing APY and generating rewards. Bots automate reinvesting and accumulating protocol rewards in the background.
For example, in the chart below tokens are deposited into a protocol such as BenQi in a ratio with a certain amount in BenQi usdt.e pool, and the remaining amount used as collateral to borrow the same amount.In effect this leverages, and converts original deposit to a 140% deposit generating protocol reward tokens.
Currently Stake Feature is only available for Beta Testers. To participate in beta testing, please join our discord for future beta testing batch announcements.
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