Provide liquidity in USDT or AVAX, and participate in Decentralised Marketmaking Action.
sMM (smart Market Maker) brings automation to market making in DeFi & gives access to retail investors to participate & earn rewards. Market Making automation is our third feature currently under development.
Automating trading is fundamental for DeFi. Bringing institutional level order flow into CLOBs, marketplaces and in general improving buying/selling in niche tokens will unlock new use cases.
In Phase 1 of the feature, the partnered projects will deposit their project tokens for marketmaking against AVAX/USDT. For using the feature they will receive a percentage of the marketmaker profit along with their deposited protocol tokens. Retail users can easily stake their AVAX or USDT to participate in the market making opportunities against the project tokens by bots.
Deposited tokens by the users are marketmaked against all the project tokens in the form of an index of project tokens, users will get a reward averaged out over all the project tokens. Early adopters of sMM will be further incentivized with iVCRED tokens.
In Phase 2, retail users would be able to participate in sMM with the option of staking whitelisted projects tokens.
Further details will be updated regarding sMM closer to feature's Beta Launch.
Last modified 23d ago
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