Deposit VCRED tokens to earn a portion of treasury yield from our bots
Earn: Stake VCRED tokens to earn iVCRED tokens
Earn feature is the base layer which brings the bot suite or all our products together via VCRED token which is currently under development. Users can stake the token, and earn a marker (iVCRED Token) which can be used to participate in the staking pool. Users will have a choice of staking in passive income pool to tap into our flagship bots.
VCRED’s ultimate goal of giving effortless access to bot driven DeFi for liquidity providers will be achieved through deploying the protocol natively on Avalanche. To accelerate this adoption we will be launching VCRED’s ERC-20 token on Avalanche. With the eventual expansion to VCRED Subnet, VCRED token would have a further use case of paying gas fees.
Through VCRED Earn, early adopters of VCRED Tokens would be able to stake their tokens to earn iVCRED token.
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