Depositing your tokens into our protocol to start earning rewards is a completely effortless process. VCRED is natively deployed on Avalanche to utilize its high 4500 TPS, PoS Blockchain. Unlike other lending protocols, this enables VCRED’s unique Smart Contract Framework to effectively deploy its bots using permissioned flashloans on liquidity provided to execute profitable arbitrage transactions to generate rewards for its liquidity providers. This enables liquidity providers to earn rewards in stablecoins such as USDT.E on their deposits.

Step 1

Head over to the main page of & connect your wallet. Choose the Avalanche Network and Metamask Wallet for a frictionless experience.

Step 2

Liquidity providers can deposit a variety of tokens which will be further expanded as the protocol grows. Users can select the list of provided tokens on the protocol and click on the “Deposit” button of their preferred token which will lead to wallet confirmation.

Step 3

Liquidity providers will be charged a minuscule gas fee through the Avalanche Network and once confirmed, they can start earning rewards in USDT.E. Liquidity providers can start earning an average estimated 15% APY on their tokens immediately through various strategies executed in arbitrage and liquidation through VCRED's proprietary bots.
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